About Cora Trading Co

Our Values:

  • At CORA Trading Company, we connect producers, manufactures and distributors of organic and 100% natural products around the world, for mutual benefits.

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What we offer:

We offer to build a clear and sustainable relationship between all the participants within the organic products industry. By facilitating this trading relationship we help to cultivate a healthy and durable relation among the parties, within the organic product supply chain.

Strategically based in beautiful Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada, CORA Trading Company has access to one of the largest markets in the word: the Americas and Asia.This geographic location allows us to make the perfect link between producers of Organic and 100% natural products, in the tropical regions of South America, with manufacturers and distributors in North America and Asia.

Our Mission:

Connecting the best Producers and Manufacturers of 100% natural and Organic products for a fair trade with strong ethical practices and professionalism, building a long-term and sustainable relationship.

Connecting all the participants within the 100% natural and organic industry, creating an environment based on fair trade, ethics and professionalism, resulting in long term and sustainable relationships.

  • Our Vision:

    At CORA Trading Company, we are committed to create a worldwide network of trade, of Organic and 100% natural products for the mutual benefit of producers, manufacturers, distributors and final consumers.

Our Story:

With more than 25 year of combined experience in International Commerce, Marketing Research, Business Development, International negotiation, Trade and Affairs, and Process Improvement, the founders of CORA Trading Company decided to start the endeavor of supporting a fair trade, between two of the biggest markets in the world of International Commerce: the Americas and Asia.

With a deep knowledge of both markets, CORA  Trading founders, visualized the opportunities to connect the players of the international commerce, in order to build a trusted network to support a sustainable trade of 100% natural and Organic products.